Technology Consulting

Zielpuls GmbH provides the following services for technology companies:
-Technology consulting and development support
-Process and methodology consulting
-Innovation management and strategy development
-Training & Coaching

Technology Consulting

What we offer

Technology consulting and development support combines extensive technological expertise and the ability to manage and establish projects that are lean, efficient and self dependent.

Zielpuls considers IT a strategic asset, not an unwarrented cost. We offer tailor made support starting with requirements management, concepts creation, IT-architectures or even the development of products.

Process and methodology consulting
Zielpuls process and methodology consulting optimizes businesses with efficient project workflows, and selected standards and methodologies.

Innovation management and strategy development
Zielpuls develops with the customer efficient and sustainable innovation management as a basis for future business orientation. The use of methodologies, technological know-how and the power to put new benchmarks into practice are set and technical strategies developed.

Training & Coaching
Zielpuls Training & Coaching develops advanced qualifications and strengthens employees individual abilities and knowledge of relevant methodology.

What we are looking for

We are looking for technology companies that are interested in our expertise mentioned above.


  • Trucks / Truck tractors
    • Full or semi-electrical powered vehicles
    • Hybrid vehicles
  • Light commercial vehicles (delivery vans)
    • Full or semi-electrical powered vehicles
    • Hybrid vehicles
  • Buses (incl. Minibuses)
    • Full or semi-electrical powered vehicles
    • Hybrid vehicles
  • Special motor vehicles
    • Full or semi-electrical powered vehicles


Managing Partner

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