IT solutions for transport, forwarding and logistics industry

Logintrans company, founded in 2004, joined the European leaders providing IT services for the transport branch within just a few years' time. Today it has 9 branches across Europe providing support for professionals from the broad transport industry. System, being the main product of the company, is currently used by over 20 thousand companies
from 24 countries. Tools available within the system allow a comprehensive organization of load transportation
– from establishing cooperation with a transport company to receiving an electronic confirmation
of the executed order. System – Internet platform for establishing cooperation

What we offer

IT solutions available within the System allow companies commissioning loads establish secure cooperation with reliable carriers.

Software used by over 20 thousand companies from across Europe facilitates business connecting, easy communication and monitoring the process of cooperation, which ends with sending an electronic confirmation of the order execution.

By granting certificates to the best carriers, we ensure orderers using the System that their loads will be safely delivered on time.

What we are looking for

We would be glad to talk to any person interested in implementing modern IT solutions in transport and logistics.

Our offer should be interesting to:

Transport companies aiming to reduce empty runs and search
for business partners from across Europe.

Freight forwarding companies which need easy access to the database of reliable transport companies and want to optimize the process
of the execution of transport orders.

Trading and manufacturing companies counting on efficient and timely transport of loads.

Industry media which want to be the first to inform readers about solutions which tomorrow will become standard in the transport, forwarding and logistics sector.

Technological companies aiming to integrate their software
with the System and approach the greatest possible number of clients.


  • Transport logistics (communication, data processing, control, telematics for transport), vehicles for internal transportation, loading devices)
    • Transport data processing
      • Software
    • Transport communications
      • Fleet information systems
      • Satellite communication, mobile
      • Locating systems
    • Transport logistics
      • Transport logistics
    • Traffic information systems
      • Telematic and Telecommunication


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