Electric powertrains for the automotive and commercial vehicle markets

Located in Quebec, Canada, TM4 designs and markets production-ready electric and hybrid powertrain systems suitable for the commercial, automotive and recreational vehicle markets as well as the marine, mining, rail and motorsports sectors. Clean, affordable and highly efficient, the company’s advanced permanent magnet electric motors, coupled with power-dense electronic inverters and control software can be adapted to every customer’s needs

Electric powertrains for medium & heavy duty vehicles

What we offer

Developed for performance and durability, the TM4 SUMO electric powertrain systems are optimized for medium-and heavy-duty electric and hybrid vehicles such as 6-18 meter buses, delivery trucks, shuttles, tow tractors and more. By allowing direct drive operation, the TM4 SUMO permanent magnet electric motor reduce the powertrain’s complexity and cost, allowing for a simple, efficient and low-maintenance solution. A direct drive system yields over 10% efficiency gains throughout the driving cycle, representing an equivalent gain in battery usage. Some of TM4’s SUMO systems are offered with a double-ended shaft option, allowing for easy integration in many hybrid-electric powertrain architectures.


  • Parts and accessories
    • Engines
      • Electric drive systems for vehicles
        • Permanent-magnet synchronous motors
        • Electrical motors for powertrain, others
    • Electrical equipment
      • Components for vehicle electric system
      • Inverter assemblies


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