Telematic/ Fleet Management

TomTom Telematics fleet management solution will increase the efficiency of your mobile workforce. It provides driving efficiency, ecological footprint and provides field personnel, the back office and business management with the tools to be smarter and more efficient. Our fleet solutions are proven and robust and will integrate seamlessly with your existing software and applications.

Telematic System

What we offer

Improve the efficiency of your fleet and your mobile workforce with our fleet management solution. Whether you have a fleet of 5 or 5,000 vehicles, with our WORKsmart™ fleet management solutions you will always know where your vehicles are.
Optimise your processes, instantly update orders and send jobs directly to staff on the road, while viewing real time reports on working hours and driving time. Smart navigation and traffic information help your staff spend more time with your clients and less time on the road.

Our easy-to-read reports make it simple to find out where costs are high and productivity can be improved. Choosing TomTom fleet management solution is choosing fast return on your investment. Over 30,000 other companies have already chosen TomTom fleet management and have earned their investment back within 6-9 months. Quite simply: WORKsmart™ fleet management solutions pay for themselves.


  • Transport logistics (communication, data processing, control, telematics for transport), vehicles for internal transportation, loading devices)
    • Transport organisation
      • Organizational resources for fleets
      • Organizational resources for freight forwarders
      • Route planning systems
    • Transport communications
      • Data communication
      • Data transmission
      • Fleet information systems
      • Information systems
      • Transmission of identified vehicle coordinates
      • Satellite communication
      • Satellite communication for route planning
      • Satellite communication, mobile
      • Locating systems
    • Transport logistics
      • Transport logistics
    • Traffic guidance systems
      • Traffic guidance systems
    • Traffic information systems
      • Navigation systems
      • Telematic and Telecommunication
      • Vehicle to vehicle communication
      • Vehicle to infrastructure communication
  • Organisations, authorities and services
    • EDP software
    • Fleet management
    • Motor vehicle surveillance
    • Telematic services


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