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TomTom Telematics, with its main location in the Netherlands, is the biggest Fleet Management Provider in Europe. Our Telematic Solutions are being used in 400.000 vehicles - ranging from simple GPS-Track-and-Trace or electronic Logbook for the Fiscal Authorities, Job-Order-Management and Messaging via connected Navigation Systems, to Remote Download and Archiving of Digital Tachograph Data. With around 200 Software-application partners, our solution spectrum is being greatly expanded, Bluetooth-connectivity is offering additional possibilities for connecting 3rd party Hardware.

Telematic Solutions for commercial vehicles

What we offer

We are offering Telematic Solutions for connected vehicles.
Real Time Track and Trace, GPS
electronic Logbook
connected Navigation Systems with Job/Order-Management and Messaging
Navigation based on Real Time Traffic
Remote Download and Archiving of Digital Tachograph Data
Monitoring of Fuel Consumption
Theft Protection

Black Boxes
Navigation Devices

Our Webfleet Plattform is most easy to use and our solutions are installed in 400.000 vehicles. We are the only ISO27001 certified (Data Protection) supplier in this field.

What we are looking for

We are looking for two kinds of partners:
a) potential resellers who help us with sales and installations locally in the south of Germany

b) customers who operate a fleet of commercial vehicles with the need to:
-know where those vehicles are in real-time
-see where the vehicles have been any given time in the past
-send orders, jobs and messages to their drivers
-help drivers to take the fastest and most effective route to the next destination
-provide their customers with information on ETAs of drivers
-have overview of remaining driving times
-remote access Digital Tachograph Data
-monitor fuel consumption
-have vast possibilities to generate reports
-connect their internal Software System via API to Webfleet


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