Tape Innovation is based in Germany and distributes their own brands as well as well known US Brands across the world.
Together with our Parent Company G&G Trading International in the Netherlande we have a strong network around the globe

Our main, own brands are.
SPITA ResQ-tape:
a one of a king self-fusing silicone tape with extraordinary capabilities, to be used in literally almost any application, come and get a live demo at our booth.

SPITA ResQ-plast:
Even after seeing ResQ-tape you still have application we can´t help you ? ResQ-plast fills the gap !
Our Silicone/Rubber Compound can be formed to any shape and size, your decide !

We also do private label versions of our products.
Come and see us at our booth, we still looking for qualified distributors in some market.

Innovative Silicone Products for first market and maintenance

What we offer

We are experts in self fusing silicone ! Offering from ready made products to customizable solution for after market as well as production.
Our range of products opens opportunities in R&D as well as with your ready product.

What we are looking for

We are looking for clients (end-user) as well as distributors in specific territories or niche markets.

We can offer strong support and highly customizable products to solve your problem.

We want to show you the vast variety of possible applications of our products and want to know how to solve your specific needs


  • Trucks / Truck tractors
    • All-wheel drive vehicles
    • Full or semi-electrical powered vehicles
    • Off-road vehicles
    • Hybrid vehicles
    • Tractors
  • Light commercial vehicles (delivery vans)
    • All-wheel drive vehicles
    • Full or semi-electrical powered vehicles
    • Used vehicles
    • Delivery vans
    • Pick-Ups
    • Transporters
  • Special motor vehicles
    • Other special vehicles
  • Parts and accessories
    • Engine parts
      • Fuel filters
    • Electrical equipment
      • Components for vehicle electric system
      • Cables
      • Cable harnesses
      • Protective coverings for cables
      • Cable connectors
      • Connectors
      • Connector devices, electrical
    • Electronics
      • Electronic systems for commercial vehicles
    • Hoses
      • Pneumatic hoses
      • Flex hoses
      • Rubber hoses
      • Heater hoses
      • Fuel hoses
      • Plastic hoses
      • Low-pressure hoses
      • Compressed-air hoses
      • Hoses
      • Hose lines
  • Diagnosis, repair, maintenance, repair shop installations
    • Repair shop equipment
      • Workshop equipment
    • Repair shop installations
      • Compressed-air systems for workshop
      • Vulcanization material
    • Tools
      • Tools


Managing Director

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