Temperature Data Logger manufacturer and Telematics provider

Seven Telematics proudly manufactures its range of Transcan® Temperature data loggers from their UK base. Undoubtedly the World’s most widely used road transport temperature monitoring device. Transcan products have been watching over cargo’s across the Globe for nearly 20 years.

Seven Telematics combine the trusted format of Transcan® Recorders with state of the art technology in their SevenEye® Telematics Systems. Offering both standard vehicle tracking for “Dry Freight” vehicles and “Refrigerated Transport” via Live satellite link to their range of EN12830 verified temperature loggers.

Temperature Recorders and Telematics

What we offer

Transcan® Temperature data loggers (recorders) are undoubtedly the world’s most widely used road transport temperature monitoring device. They are manufactured in the UK and designed to prevent temperature critical consignments from spoiling.

The main features of these units are;
Record and store all temperature information from your consignment.
Audible alarm in the event a preset temperature range is broken.
Delivery tickets printed on demand to provide proof of a cargo's temperature for duration of the journey
Combined with SevenEye® the ability to remotely monitor the temperature of your cargo in real-time from any browser or smartphone.
Immediate email and SMS alerts for out of range temperatures, switch events and power losses.
Comply with EU legal temperature requirements

What we are looking for

We supply to both truck builders and end users.
Our customers come from a range of industries including;
frozen and chilled food distribution, transport of animals, fresh produce and pharmaceutical distribution.


  • Parts and accessories
    • Display and recording systems
      • Temperature recorders
  • Transport logistics (communication, data processing, control, telematics for transport), vehicles for internal transportation, loading devices)
    • Transport data processing
      • Data collection systems
    • Transport organisation
      • Organizational resources for fleets
    • Transport communications
      • Fleet information systems
      • Transmission of identified vehicle coordinates
      • Locating systems
    • Traffic information systems
      • Telematic and Telecommunication


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