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Rhein Composite is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality vehicle doors using resin transfer moulding technology (RTM). We have made a name for ourselves thanks to our high quality standards, pioneering ideas and fully developed security and safety concepts. RTM technology, the fiber composite technology procedure is designed for reproducible and consistent series production of complex components. Batch size, depending on requirements, can be from several hundred to several thousand units per year. Founded in 1999, Rhein Composite in the course of the years has not only produced doors for almost all renown motorhome and special vehicles manufacturers, but also components for the aircraft, automotive and medical devices industries. Today, our core focus is entirely on the production of vehicle doors and thus we our constantly increasing our market position as system supplier. Light-weight contruction, high rigidity, surface flush and, perhaps, more importantly, reproducibility. Among many other advantageous features, RTM technology is the ideal solution for your individual needs. When logging on to you will find additional information which could be a probable solution to you future project within the framework of your product range.

Our core range of activities:

- Concept & Design
- Construction & Cost calculation
- Prototyping
- Tooling and mould-making
- Series production (100 – 8,000 units per year)

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What we offer

Rhein Composite concentrates on the closed machine processing of thermosetting resin compounds with reinforcing fiber of glass, carbon, aramide and natural fibers. The resulting laminates meet the highest requirements concerning strength, rigidity, weight and surface quality.

The production process is the resin injection method, most generally known as RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding). This is one of the few partially automated processes in the production of long and continuous reinforced fiber composite components.

Depending on the selection of materials and production parameters, form, weight, strength and rigidity of the products can be determined. This allows us to meet our customers' individual requirements.

Thanks to our technical consulting, development and project planning, Rhein Composite can provide the customer with solutions beginning with the idea then leading on to actual production: all under one roof.

Fibrous composite materials count among the most innovative materials used today and possess the following important major properties:

•Low weight but high strength and rigidity
•High impact resistance
•Low material fatique and good insulation properties
•Good chemical and corrosion resistance
•Low thermal expansion coefficient (TCE)
•High heat deflection temperature (thermostable)
•Good acoustic and thermal insulation qualities

What we are looking for

We are looking for innovativ companies of commercial and special vehicles industries who looking for lightweight components. Niche quantities between 100 to 10000 units per year will match to RTM.


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