Solutions and services for Digital tachograph data management , Complete Fleet management (Gprs tracking system and fuel monitoring)

Fomco Prodimpex Company (“Fomco”) was founded in October 2012 and represents one of the Fomco Group Companies.

Its activity is divided into several business directions, but an essential element consists in tachographs business and transport fleet management systems.

Being a top national and international provider, holding a portofolio of over 200 partners, Fomco develops and distributes products that fulfill and satisfy the client’s needs, all over Romania and Europe.

Fleet management system , digital tacho & card Download

What we offer

*Our main target is to help analyze fleet data and optimize activity planning & control. We achieve this by building our reliable hardware in-house and employing specialists with over 10 years of expertise in automation, electronics and software development. .Knowing the whereabouts of every vehicle of your fleet and the historical data throughout their journeys will empower you to make the right decisions on time.
Mission :
-Fleet management and tracking – by offering a complex and complete solution for GPS tracking and live monitoring of vehicles our goal is to support daily fleet activity optimization.
-Realistic cost calculation and optimization - -Event analysis, handling and notification - -Complex, advanced solutions and services for tachograph data management

What we are looking for

Our objective/Our mission:

Our objective is to create value for our partners, customers and all of our investors, by offering: fast solutions to the market demands, high quality products and services, and not least, by compliance with ethical business behavior principles.


  • Parts and accessories
    • Display and recording systems
      • Digital Tachograph
      • Tachographs
      • Fuel consumption measuring systems
  • Transport logistics (communication, data processing, control, telematics for transport), vehicles for internal transportation, loading devices)
    • Transport data processing
      • Data collection systems
      • Fleet logistics
      • Software
    • Transport organisation
      • Route planning systems
      • Driver and vehicle operation control planning
    • Transport communications
      • Data communication
      • Data transmission
      • Fleet information systems
      • Transmission of identified vehicle coordinates
      • Satellite communication
      • Satellite communication for route planning
      • Satellite communication, mobile
      • Locating systems
    • Traffic information systems
      • Telematic and Telecommunication


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