Automated covering systems for open top trailers

Manufacture of automated covering systems for open top trailers. We are in Germany seeking trailer manufactures to work with on automated ways to cover payloads.

Automated covers for open top trailers.

Was wir anbieten

Roll Rite, LLC designs and manufactures state-of-the-art automated tarp systems for the international trucking industry, serving the Construction, Waste, Scrap & Recycling, and Agriculture Markets. Roll Rite automated systems quickly and reliably contain and protect payloads, create a safer working environment for drivers, and maximize return on investment by increasing revenues and reducing cost of ownership. Roll Rite's engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow us to tailor system components to meet the specific tarp needs of truck and trailer OEM's worldwide.

Wonach wir suchen

Trailer manufactures to partner with to develop state of the art covering systems for tipper trailers and transfer trailers. We offer wireless remote control operated automated systems to provide safe, efficient means to cover payloads


  • Anhänger, Aufbauten, Behälter u. Container
    • Abrollkipper/ -aufbauten
    • Absetzkipper/ -aufbauten
    • Anhänger, allgemein
    • Anhänger-Aufbauten
    • Container
    • Kippanhänger
    • Kipperfahrzeuge/ -aufbauten
    • Kippsattelanhänger
    • Muldenkipper/ -aufbauten
    • Sattelanhänger
    • Silo-Container
    • Wechselaufbauten und -fahrzeuge


Vice President Sales & Marketing

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