Redline Detection manufactures the world's best selling diagnostic leak detection equipment. Mandated by top OEM's, Redline equipment is used to save technicians valuable time, to find leaks in intake, exhaust and turbo systems.

Redline's award-winning high pressure, heavy duty diagnostic leak detection equipment is being chosen by the world's largest truck and equipment manufacturers to quickly find 100% of leaks in the intake and exhaust systems of trucks and heavy duty vehicles, with the engine safely off.

Redline diagnostic leak detectors do not use dyes or other contaminants
• Safe for the vehicle, the technician, and the environment

• Locates failing components such as defective/leaking charge air coolers, exhaust gaskets, flange gaskets, intake ducting, etc BEFORE they fail

• Eliminates dangerous exhaust fumes for drivers
• Improves fuel economy
• Green: Improves emissions
• Quick and simple: Under 10 minutes

NEW- Heavy Duty Diagnostic Leak Detection for Trucks and Equipment

Was wir anbieten

Redline manufactures the world's best selling diagnostic leak detection equipment. We are now mandated / essential for heavy duty OEM and now available in Europe.

HD PowerSmoke locates difficult to find leaks in complex heavy duty systems, eliminating regen / PDF issues; finding dangerous leaks in the drivers cab; quickly testing the intake and exhaust systems for failing components.

Uses no dyes or other contaminants so it is safe for the technician, safe for the vehicle and safe for the environment.

Wonach wir suchen

We are seeking heavy duty repair equipment distributor partners in Germany and all of Europe.


  • Lastkraftwagen/Sattelzugmaschinen
    • Allradkraftwagen
    • Elektrisch oder teilelektrisch betriebene Fahrzeuge
    • Geländekraftwagen
    • Sattelzugmaschinen
    • Schwerlast-Zugmaschinen
    • Zugmaschinen
  • Leichte Nutzkraftwagen (Lieferwagen / Transporter)
    • Allradkraftwagen
    • Elektrisch oder teilelektrisch betriebene Fahrzeuge
    • Gebrauchtfahrzeuge
    • Hybridfahrzeuge
    • Leichte Kraftwagen
    • Lieferwagen
    • Pick-Up-Kraftwagen
    • Transporter
  • Kraftomnibusse (einschl. Minibusse)
    • Gebrauchtfahrzeuge
    • Hybridfahrzeuge
    • Omnibusse
    • Omnibusse als Gelenkfahrzeuge
    • Omnibusse für Behinderte
    • Omnibusse für Linienverkehr
    • Omnibusse für Stadtverkehr
    • Omnibusse für Überlandverkehr
    • Omnibusse mit geringer Platzzahl (Kleinbusse)
    • Omnibusse, Doppeldecker
  • Fahrzeugeinrichtungen und -ausstattungen
  • Teile und Zubehör
    • Motoren
      • Dieselmotoren
      • Ottomotoren
      • Dieselmotoren für Bio-Kraftstoffe
  • Diagnose, Instandsetzung, Pflege, Wartung, Werkstattausrüstung
    • Diagnose-, Mess- und Prüfgeräte
      • Diagnose-Anlagen
    • Werkstattgeräte
      • Werkstattgeräte



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