Fibre reinforced composite sheets ( GRP/FRP)

located in D-08606 Oelsnitz/ Germany

Optiplan GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of glass fibre reinforced plastics (GRP) in sheet or coil form. For well over 50 years our POLYDET® brand has been the synonym for quality, reliability and innovation worldwide.

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GRP/FRP sheets for composite sandwich panels

What we offer

manufacturers of GRP/FRP sheets for refrigerated and dry-freight truck Body applications.

highest product quality and consistency "made in Germany" with individual service to meet our customers' specific requirements.

What we are looking for

we are looking for manufacturers of

>Sandwich Composite Panels
>Truck Body - refrigerated freight
>Truck Body - dry-freight
>Bus - Bus roods
>Special Vehicles


  • Trailers, Bodies and Container
    • Trailer body structures
    • Body structures and correspondingvehicles
    • Body structures, general
    • Exhibition and sales vehicles
    • Beer tank vehicles/body structures
    • Catering vehicles
    • Container
    • Expedition vehicles
    • Vehicle body structures, pre-assembled
    • Meat transport vehicles/body structures
    • Refrigeration vehicles and body structures
    • Security vehicles/body structures
    • Beverage delivery vehicles/body structures
    • Large-volume cargo bodies
    • Large-volume semi-trailers
    • Insulated vehicles/body strictures
    • Van bodies
    • Conference vehicles/body structures
    • Ambulances/body structures
    • Mobile kitchens/body structures
    • Refrigerator trailers
    • Refrigerated vehicles/body structures
    • Laboratory vehicles/body structures
    • Exhibition vehicles/body structures
    • Furniture van bodies
    • Bus body structures
    • Parcel service vehicles/body structures
    • Horse box vehicles/body structures
    • Police vehicles/body structures
    • Rescue vehicles
    • Tank container bodies
    • Tank vehicles/body structures
    • Transport containers
    • Mobile shops/body structures
    • Delivery vehicles / body structures
    • Swap bodies / Body systems
    • Swap bodies, box-type
    • Swap bodies, heat insulated
    • Swap containers
    • Advertising vehicles / body structures
    • Workshop vehicles / body structures


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