As Polser FRP Panels, we are the leading manufacturer of GRP (glassfiber reinforced plastic) truck body rolls & sheet

As Polser FRP Panels, we are the leading manufacturer of GRP (glassfiber reinforced plastic) truck body rolls & sheet in Izmir / Turkey. With a wide range of products, we have been in the international and domestic market since 1986.

GRP (glassfiber reinforced plastic) rolls & sheets for truck bodies

What we offer

Frigoser™ is a trademark of Polser FRP Panels Inc. and it’s a high performance cladding FRP panels for dry and refrigerated truck boxes and bodies, as well as many other applications; vans, coaches, caravans, ambulances, etc. (attached please find our product catalogue for detailed information).

The Main Advantages of our Frigoser panels;

• High mechanical strength , particularly against impacts.
• Flexible and easily combined with insulation materials.
• Corrosion and chemical resistant.
• Easy application because of its low weight.
• External side protected from dirt during all body assembly process.
• Thermal resistance (Low heat transfer coefficient)
• Easy to clean : does not support mould or absorb odours.
• Seamless hygienic finish.
• Low cost installation.
• Excellent weathering properties.

We are able to produce flat sheets:

1) upto 3200 mm width. as sheets and rolls.
2) in fire retardant type in Bs2do grade EN 13501
3) upto a thickness of 10.0 mm
4) with smooth or embossed surface

What we are looking for

We are looking for truck body builders; manufacturers and distributors of truck body components.


  • Trailers, Bodies and Container
    • Trailer body structures
    • Body structures and correspondingvehicles
    • Body structures, general
    • Meat transport vehicles/body structures
    • Refrigeration vehicles and body structures
    • Beverage delivery vehicles/body structures
    • Insulated vehicles/body strictures
    • Ambulances/body structures
    • Mobile kitchens/body structures
    • Refrigerated vehicles/body structures
    • Laboratory vehicles/body structures
    • Exhibition vehicles/body structures
    • Bodies for milk collection vehicles
  • Parts and accessories
    • Bodywork components and equipment
      • Fittings for body structures
      • Impact protection
      • Thermal protection products
    • Materials
      • Plastics


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