Cargo securing products, FIX Road (former WalkiFix) and FIX Strap

We produce FIX cargo securing systems in Finland for road and sea transports. We are the owner of the former WalkiFix and WisaFix products that have been on the market for more than 20 years. We have developed them further and present now a fully automatic cargo securing system (Truck-Safe) for trucks and trailers. We also produce an ingeniously simple solution for normal lashing straps that makes the cargo securing procedure fast and easy. FIX products are easy to use and require no climbing onto the cargo base or above the cargo. The products are always ready hanging from the roof in the cargo space and they require no special stoarage space. They are also light weight.
Please visit us on stand FG F45 outside between halls 25 and 26.

FIX Cargo Securing System and Truck-Safe automatic cargo securing

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FIX Cargo Securing is either done with strong tarpaulin covering the entire cargo (FIX Road) or with straps (FIX Strap). Both system utilize the patented suspension system where the FIX products hang from the trailer roof in bungee cords. The bungees are attaced to roller carriages that can move alongside the trailer on tracks mounted in the upper corners of the cargo space. This allows the cargo securing devices to be stowed away during loading and then to be pulled over the cargo before tightening.
We also present an automatic cargo securing system called Truck-Safe that is a further development to FIX Road. This system secures the palletized cargo automtically in few minutes regardles of cargo type or shape.

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Distributors and representatives for FIX products in Central Europe. We have a growing market ahead of us and the legislation in many countries makes the requirements for cargo securing actual. Offering a product that can easily solve most of the cargo securing tasks fast is an attraktive opportunity for an active person or company already in the line of business. The products are well known and accepted among specialists, shipping lines, police and authorities. Automatic cargo securing products will be available from end of 2015 for securing even those cargoes, that are loaded automatically.


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