Conductive Ultra Fast Charging Station for Buses and Trucks

The Opbrid Bůsbaar® ultra high power charging station for Heavy Duty vehicles from Opbrid and Furrer+Frey.

Furrer+Frey AG (CH): 90 years experience in high power transfer to vehicles (trains, trams, trolleybuses),
worldwide presence.

Opbrid SL (ES): Focused solely on fast charge stations for heavy duty vehicles since 2009, providing IP, marketing,
electronics and software.

Opbrid Bůsbaar® Overhead Automatic Electric Charging Station for Heavy Duty Buses and Trucks.

What we offer

The Furrer+Frey/Opbrid Bůsbaar® is an overhead automatic electric charging station for heavy duty buses and trucks. It has a low cost and low weight fixed in-line current collector on the vehicle and automatically lowering pantograph contacts on the curbside gantry. We also offer a complete automated overhead charging system for nighttime charging at bus and truck depots.

With the Opbrid Bůsbaar fast charging station installed at a convenient location, an electric bus or truck can run all
day on electricity, charging for just a few minutes each time it reaches the charger. Ultrafast charging during the day
allows the use of smaller, lighter, less expensive batteries. " is means less battery cost, less weight, and more room
for passengers or cargo.

What we are looking for

- Bus and truck OEMs who need an automatic charging system for their vehicle.
- Bus operators looking for an automated electric charging system for their fleet.
- Municipalities needing a standards based automated charging station for buses, delivery trucks, refuse vehicles and sweepers.
- Researchers and project developers for new electric vehicle applications.


  • Trucks / Truck tractors
    • Full or semi-electrical powered vehicles
  • Light commercial vehicles (delivery vans)
    • Full or semi-electrical powered vehicles
  • Buses (incl. Minibuses)
    • Full or semi-electrical powered vehicles
  • Special motor vehicles
    • Full or semi-electrical powered vehicles
    • Sweepers
    • Municipal vehicles (for waste disposal, street cleaning, environmental engineering etc.)
  • Parts and accessories
    • Electrical equipment
      • Battery accessories
        • Battery chargers
        • Battery equipement, others
      • Components for vehicle electric system
      • Connector devices, electrical



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