Textitle for industry and waste management

Based in Lyon, “Miage ts” is a company specialized in conception, transformation and installation of nets, tarpaulins, ropes, braids, strings and textile techniques and have a large range of products.

Created in 1934, “Miage ts” was historically linked to the textile industry. Braids producer since the beginning they fed their knowledge and became the leader in net and trapaulins manufacture for transport and industries, while remaining specialized in ropes and straps. Our company is here to serve its customers; our authentic rope making know-how allows us to solve our customer’s problems.

Nets and tarpaulins for containers

What we offer

We have a complete range of nets and trapaulins that can also be used in a number of different sectors: transport, building, factories and waste treatment.

Whether the nets are stitched, micro-stitched, woven, knitted or twisted, we advise our customers on the right product to provide the required technical result. We offer more and more frequently a global solution going from providing the net up to installation on site by a specially team and providing delivery and all the accessories necessary for the fitting.

We also offer a covering system for container for the safety of truck drivers.


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