Cooling and air conditioning production and distribution

NRF offers cooling and ac solutions for automotive, industrial and marine applications. In the truck sector we supply both OE and aftermarket segments, with products such as radiators, charge air coolers, condensers and a/c compressors.

Combining 4 plants and 10 warehouses in Europe and 4 factories in India we offer both tailored solutions to the industry and a complete range of cooling and ac parts to the aftermarket.

We exhibit at the IAA to meet our OE, OES and IAM clientele and to expand our network. We have colleagues from Germany, Holland, Eastern Europe and India at our stand, both sales and technical.

We look forward to meeting you.

Cooling and Air Conditioning components for LCV and HCV

What we offer

We engineer and produce heat exchangers and offer local European application engineering and depending on volume and lead time requirements both production in Europe and India.

We have been engineering products such as radiators and charge air coolers for 87 years and still have a growing OE and aftermarket customer base for that.

What we are looking for

We are looking to expand our OE and aftermarket customer base for products such as radiators.


  • Parts and accessories
    • Engine parts
      • Radiators
      • Radiator bottom tanks
      • Radiator supports
      • Engine cooling systems
      • Charge air cooling systems
      • Fans for engine cooling systems
      • Fan clutches
      • Air compressor clutches
      • Heat exchangers
    • Interior fittings and components
      • Heating systems (engine heat from coolant, cooling air or exhaut
      • Air-conditioning systems
        • Air-conditioning systems for cabs
        • Air conditioner compressors


Sales Director

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