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Grayson Thermal Systems is an automotive component manufacturer based in Birmingham, England, where we have two manufacturing facilities as well as a full service centre for bus air conditioning. We also have sales offices in the US and Poland.

Our main product line, is engine cooling systems, in which we offer a bespoke service including Design, Test, Approval and Production. The electric fan cooling module (E-Drive), which is used to replace traditional hydraulic fan systems, has proven to support improved emission standards and lower fuel consumption.

Since opening, we have grown into a top 3 European tier 2 supplier for passenger service and specialist vehicles. All of our products are manufactured to meet the latest territorial emission standards as well as adhere to our ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. For more information about us please visit

Engine cooling systems for buses and trucks

What we offer

Grayson Thermal Systems is a privately owned manufacturing company with a strong reputation for quality, innovation and for working in partnership with customers to develop and supply solutions to specific business issues.

We design and manufacture OE and aftermarket cooling and heating products for buses and coaches, specialist off-road vehicles and commercial vehicles. Our product range includes Radiators, Intercoolers, Oil Coolers, Fuel Tanks, Hydraulic Tanks and HVAC equipment such as condensers, evaporators, compressors, and blowers.

The electric fan cooling module (E-Drive) , our latest innovation used to replace the traditional hydraulic system, is proven to help improve emission standards and lower fuel consumption.

What we are looking for

We are looking to introduce and further develop our product into the European markets, in bus&coach and commercial vehicles sector in particular. We are also looking for European distributors to help distribute our products into the market.


  • Trucks / Truck tractors
    • All-wheel drive vehicles
    • Full or semi-electrical powered vehicles
    • Natural-gas vehicles
    • Off-road vehicles
    • Commercial vehicles
    • Semitrailer tractors
    • Heavy-duty tractors
  • Buses (incl. Minibuses)
    • All-wheel drive vehicles
    • Full or semi-electrical powered vehicles
    • Used vehicles
    • Hybrid vehicles
    • Buses
    • Articulated buses
    • Buses for the handicapped
    • Buses for line service
    • City buses
    • Buses for long-distance operation
    • Small buses
    • Double-decker buses
  • Special motor vehicles
    • Tow truck body structures, for passenger car transport
    • Towing vehicles
    • Other special vehicles
    • Fire fighting vehicles
    • Hybrid vehicles
    • Sweepers
    • Municipal vehicles (for waste disposal, street cleaning, environmental engineering etc.)
    • Ambulances/body structures
    • Motorcaravans for commercial use
    • Snow ploughs
  • Parts and accessories
    • Engines
      • Diesel engines
      • Engines for installation in motor vehicles
      • Electric drive systems for vehicles
        • Electric asynchronous motors
        • Field-excited DC motors
        • DC-series-characteristic motors
        • Permanent-magnet synchronous motors
        • Wheel hub motors
        • Electrical motors for powertrain, others
      • Gas engines
      • Gasoline-Engines
      • Diesel engines for biofuels
    • Engine parts
      • Engine cooling systems


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