High temperature insulations

The ISOLITE Group -
pioneers in high-temperature insulation technology.

It was over 30 years ago that we laid the foundation for our innovation leadership by developing the first internal and external high-temperature insulation and sealing systems. ISOLITE has become one of the most sought-after partners in a wide range of industry sectors. Benefiting from our high level of technical expertise, the products, systems and services we supply help us shape a successful future with our industrial customers, especially those in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Our systems provide the ideal solution for all your requirements at temperatures ranging from 400°C right up to 1,600°C.

High Temperature Insulation Systems

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ISOLITE system solutions for high-temperature insulation are just as diverse as the challenges facing state-of-the-art automotive manufacturing today.

These include, for example, insulation for reducing surface temperatures in order to protect surrounding components, or insulation for retaining heat in order to bring downstream units to the required operating temperature as fast as possible.

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Customers who are looking for high temperatur insulation systems / thermal management for exhaust gas and aftertreatment systems.


  • Teile und Zubehör
    • Motorenteile
      • Abgasanlagen
      • Abgasreinigungssysteme
      • Abgasschalldämpfer
      • Abgasturbolader
      • Diesel-Katalysatoren
      • Dieselkraftstoff-Vorwärmanlagen/ -geräte
      • Hilfsantriebe
      • Hitzeschutzschilde
      • NOx-Speicherkatalysatoren
      • SCR Selektive katalytische Reduktion
    • Sonstige Teile
      • Rohre
      • Rohrleitungen


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