Camera Systems, Navigation & Automotive Radios

Mobile infotainment is the core competence of AXION AG. On the site of Weißenhorn the company develops and markets since inception in 2000 state of the art security, monitoring, fleet management, comfort and entertainment systems for vehicles of all kinds. All AXION production partners are certified including DIN ISO 9001/2, QS 9000, E-mark and CE. From private car to motorhomes, truck, agricultural, forestry and construction vehicles to the company fleet, Axion AG offers solutions for a variety of different vehicle types and areas of application. As a competent and experienced partner with reputable references in the field of project development, AXION realizes also customized special productions.

Automotive Solutions for Infotainment, Navigation, Safety & Surveillance

What we offer

Axion offers a wide range and expertise of automotive solutions for:
- Infotainment: e.g. Monitors, digital TV, DVD, etc.
- 12V & 24V Radio solutions for commercial vehicles
- Navigation for commercial vehicles
- Safety & Surveillance: e.g. camera-systems, 360° around vision, digital recording, etc.
- special adapters and conversion kits
- project based developments

What we are looking for

We are looking for manufacturers, chassis builders, distributors, retailers throughout europe, who are interested in our innovative range of solutions.


  • Vehicle Interior - Fixtures and Equipment
  • Parts and accessories
    • Interior fittings and components
      • TV/Video receivers
    • Display and recording systems
      • Video surveillance
    • Lighting and light-signalling devices
      • Interior lamps
      • LED
    • Electrical equipment
      • Automotive radios
    • Electronics
      • Electronic systems for commercial vehicles
      • Driver Assistant Systems (Advanced)
        • Park distance control
        • Reversing aid
  • Transport logistics (communication, data processing, control, telematics for transport), vehicles for internal transportation, loading devices)
    • Transport communications
      • Transmission of identified vehicle coordinates
      • Locating systems
    • Traffic information systems
      • Navigation systems


Sales & Marketing Director

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