Exhaust and Engine Flex Components & Bellows

The BOA Group not only delivers to OEMs and Tier1s in the passenger car business, we also leverage our experience to support customers in the heavy vehicles market with flexible gastight solutions for trucks, busses, agricultural and construction machinery. Headquartered in Stutensee, USA headquarters in Atlanta.

Flex Components for Exhaust and Engine Applications

What we offer

Our areas of expertise include flex components for exhaust and engine such
- exhaust flex hoses
- exhaust bellows
- EGR bellows
- CAC bellows
- stripwound hoses

We manufacture through out Europe, the US and Asia with primary development centers in Frankfurt, Atlanta and Shanghai.


  • Parts and accessories
    • Engines
      • Diesel engines
      • Gas engines
    • Engine parts
      • Exhaust systems
      • Exhaust emission control systems
      • Exhaust mufflers
      • Charge air cooling systems
      • Engine suspensions
      • Engine parts
    • Hoses
      • Flex hoses
      • Hoses
    • Miscellaneous components
      • Tubes
      • Steel tubes


Business Development

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