Design and production of tarpaulin systems for industrial vehicles

Leading European Company in the production and sale of patented tarpaulin systems for industrial vehicles.

Patented tarpaulin systems for industrial vehicles

What we offer

The patented CRAMARO tarpaulin systems are operated from the ground, the electric versions even remotely. Covering and uncovering became faster and safer since the operator no longer has to climb up to the load level.

Coverage of the load improves the aerodynamics and results in a considerable saving of fuel, about 2 liters per 100 km, contributing to the economy of operation of the vehicle and favouring the environment.

More security, increased productivity, savings and the environment. The ideal solution for road transport!

What we are looking for

In a view of a constant growth and increase of the market share, Cramaro Tarpaulin Systems is looking for :
- New dealers of its systems on all European Countries
- New Service Points
- New agents for Germany and Austria


  • Trailers, Bodies and Container
    • Trailers, general
    • Asphalt transporters/body structures
    • Container
    • Tippertrailers
    • Tippers
    • Tipper semi-trailers
    • Municipal vehicles/body structures
    • Platform trailers
    • Platformtrailers
    • Semitrailers
  • Parts and accessories
    • Bodywork components and equipment
      • Tarpaulin systems


Export Area Manager

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