Manufacturing of isotherm / refrigerated bodies and its components.

EgaLeciTrailer is a leading Spanish manufacturer of isotherms or refrigerated bodies and its components, with over 30 years of manufacturing experience and more than 15.000 bodies built.
Set up in 1977, EgaLeciTrailer joined Lecitrailer Group in 2013 ( one of European top brands manufacturer of trailer, semitrailers etc.)
EgaLeciTrailer is located in San Adrián, Navarra, North of Spain, currently working at local clients and different export markets such as Italy, Tunisia, Ireland, Germany etc. .

Isotherm / refrigerated bodies and components for trucks

What we offer

We manufacture a diverse range of temperature control bodies, parcel delivery boxes and its components for commercial transport.
The range covers from chill to frozen, meat hanging, multi temperature options etc.)
Due our own manufacturing process, we are able to supply the bodies already assembled, in kit format or its components under client´s specifications.

What we are looking for

We are looking to expand our commercial network and increase our sales through:

• Body builders interested in buying insulated fibreglass panels, kits for isotherms, refrigerated and parcel delivery bodies.
• Trading companies, agents, distributors etc...
• Commercial trucks authorized dealers


  • Trailers, Bodies and Container
    • Meat transport vehicles/body structures
    • Refrigeration vehicles and body structures
    • Refrigerated vehicles/body structures
    • Parcel service vehicles/body structures
  • Parts and accessories
    • Bodywork components and equipment
      • Body parts


Export Manager

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