Rotational Moulding

Cipax is a specialist in rotational moulding. With long experience we can make your tailor made solution. Cipax produce within many segments as Fuel, Hydraulic, Water and AdBlue tanks, Air inlets, Toolboxes, Instrumental covers and Cabin covers etc.
Cipax is part of XANO group, a system supplier of both components and all inclusive solutions.

Offer: A strong partner and producer of products within rotational moulding
Reference: Volvo, Scania, Toyota, Dynapac, Valtra
Turnover: Xano group € 175 million (2013)
Certifications: ISO-TS 16949 /ISO-14000
Locations: Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Finland and Poland

Plastic Products in Truck and Buses

What we offer

Cipax have long experience in Rotational Moulding.
We can offer plastic Products within
- Fuel tanks
- AdBlue / Urea
- Air inlets
- Toolboxes
- Washer and Water tanks
- Hydraulic tanks
- Etc.

Cipax have own facilities in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Finland and Poland.
With many different moulding Machines we can offer both a cost effective Product and high capacity.

What we are looking for

Cipax searching for customers within the Heavy Automotive industry, such as
- Special trucks
- Buses and
- Off-highway Vehicles
- Tractors


  • Trucks / Truck tractors
    • Heavy-duty tractors
    • Tractors
  • Buses (incl. Minibuses)
    • Buses
    • City buses
    • Buses for long-distance operation
    • Small buses
  • Special motor vehicles
    • Fire fighting vehicles
    • Sweepers
    • Snow ploughs
  • Parts and accessories
    • Bodywork components and equipment
      • Water reservoirs
      • Hydrogen tanks and refuelling technology
      • Tool boxes
    • Cranes
      • Hydraulic cranes
    • Interior fittings and components
      • Air ducts
    • Hoses
      • Plastic hoses
    • Fuels, Lubricants and Coolants
      • AdBlue (Urea)


Manging Director

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