Matchmaking between suppliers in emerging markets and European buyers

CBI is an Agency of the Netherlands Government supporting selected companies in emerging markets to enter the the European market.
European companies looking for suppliers can make use of CBI in finding suitable partners. The main countries are Bosnia, Colombia, Egypt, (India), Indonesia, Macedonia, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, Tunisia, Vietnam.
Companies in the CBI programmes are screened and guided to meet the EU requirements.
Main products; ( sheet) metal, suspension parts, radiators, springs, hubs, rubber parts, hoses, castings and forgings, wiring harnesses, machining, engines. Tooling like moulds and dies, jigs and fixtures

Suppliers in emerging markets

What we offer

Through it programmes CBI has a big database of suppliers in emerging markets like Bosnia, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Macedonia, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, Tunisia, Vietnam.
These companies are screened by CBI experts.
Products cover parts and components, radiators, springs, suspension parts, engines, rubber and plastic parts, castings, forgings, sheet metal, fasteners, tooling; moulds and dies, jigs and fixtures.
These can find their application in trucks, trailors, vans, buses, vans etc as OEM or replacement parts.
Flexibility, differentiation of supplier base, costefficient are some of the advantages.
CBI experts can give background information and assist in matchmaking.

What we are looking for

Companies in Europe - importers, distributors, manufacturers that are looking to expand their supplier base or looking for a reliable subcontractor in emerging markets.


  • Trucks / Truck tractors
    • Off-road vehicles
    • Commercial vehicles
    • Semitrailer tractors
    • Heavy-duty tractors
    • Tractors
  • Light commercial vehicles (delivery vans)
    • Commercial vehicles
  • Buses (incl. Minibuses)
    • Buses
  • Parts and accessories
    • Engines
      • Diesel engines
    • Engine parts
      • Exhaust mufflers
      • Filters
      • Piston
      • Radiators
      • Bearing bushings
      • Air filters
      • Engine suspensions
      • Engine parts
      • Engine vibration dampers
      • Oil filters
      • Connecting rods
      • Mufflers
      • Vibration absorbers
      • Valves for engines
      • Water pumps
      • Cylinder liners
    • Power transmission
      • Universal joints
    • Chassis components
      • Hubs
      • Suspension joints
    • Wheel suspensions
      • Ball joints
    • Springs and shock absorbers
      • Leaf springs
    • Braking and Chassis Systems
      • Brake spare parts
      • Brake components
      • Brake discs
      • Brake drums
    • Steering system
      • Steering rods 
      • Steering joints
    • Interior fittings and components
      • Floor mats
    • Fasteners and connecting devices
      • Fasteners
      • Bolts
    • Hoses
      • Rubber hoses
      • Radiator hoses
      • Hoses
    • Miscellaneous components
      • 0-rings
      • Sealing rings
      • Bearings
      • Steel tubes
    • Components made of certain materials
      • Aluminium, sand and permanent-mold castings
      • Aluminium pressure casting
      • sheet metal compounds
      • Pressure die castings
      • Formed rubber components
      • Rubber parts
      • Injection-molded plastic parts
      • Plastic parts
    • Semi-finished products
      • Pressed sheet metal parts
      • Pressure die casting
      • Precision-stamped metal parts
      • Foundry products
      • Body sheet-metal parts
      • Molded plastic parts (polyester elastomeres)
      • Molded plastic parts (thermopl. elastom.)
      • Pressed, punched, and deep-drawn parts
      • Forgings
      • Die castings
    • Materials
      • Aluminium
      • Special steel
      • Plastics
      • Paint coatings
      • Steel
  • Organisations, authorities and services
    • Organisations
    • Business consulting
    • Tooling
    • Trade promotion consulting
    • Business information


CBI External Expert

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