anti-theft devices

Situated in the north of Italy, next to Padua we are a new young company with a deep knowledge in the sector of the anti theft devices. Thanks to the knowledge in mechanical engineering industry the product we offer is absolutely new and innovative.

Antitheft with satellite remote access for fuel tanks

What we offer

We aware of how much fuel impact heavy in the financial statements of companies. That's why we have developed and patented a truly innovative anti-theft system that is installed directly to the tanks.

We are also finalizing an anti theft with satellite remote access for fuel tanks.

What we are looking for

We are searching people who works with trucks and belong to the following categories:

owners of fleets of trucks or means individual
truck dealers
distributors of satellite systems


  • Trailers, Bodies and Container
    • Tank vehicles/body structures
  • Organisations, authorities and services
    • Motor vehicle surveillance



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