The Asaphus Vision GmbH from Berlin, Germany, provides facial recognition software for embedded systems. Our software product Asaphus Automotive is optimized for embedded driver identification and driver monitoring. Asaphus Automotive detects and tracks a driver’s face, infers the three-dimensional head orientation, and identifies the driver.

Facial Recognition and Head Tracking Software for Embedded Systems

What we offer

Our product Asaphus Automotive is a facial recognition software that is optimized for deployment in embedded systems. Asaphus Automotive localizes and tracks the position and orientation of the driver's face. The software identifies registered drivers and recognizes unregistered drivers.

Asaphus Automotive is optimized for maximal efficiency and low memory requirements on typical automotive micro-processors such as the A9 architecture. The software supports single and dual infrared cameras and infrared laser cameras, and a wide range of camera mounting positions.

What we are looking for

We are looking for tier-one automotive suppliers and OEMs who are developing, or are planning to develop, driver monitoring and identification camera systems.


  • Vehicle Interior - Fixtures and Equipment


business development, co-founder

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