Manufacturer, integrator and supplier of steering and chassis parts, connecting elements and driving elements for automotive and train customers

The firm HEYD is a 3rd generation family owned company, located in the heart of Germany. Here, amidst forests and vineyards, is where we called home.

At 3 plants in Bietigheim-Bissingen, which is famous for its beautiful historical town centre, we produce steering and chassis parts for the automobile industry.

At Öhringen, situated in the scenic hohelohe region, we develop and manufacture ball and socket joints, clevises and universal drive shafts.

Steering and chassis parts for commercial vehicles and passenger cars

What we offer

With a wide range of modern machines for all types of mechanical production processes HEYD presents itself as a supplier of mechanical components for commercial vehicles, passenger cars and also trains.

For example: Chassis parts, Steering parts, Universal joints, Rod ends and many more......

What we are looking for

Acquisition, as well as updating of customer contacts and information exchange.
Presenting ( Introducing ) our product innovations, current developments and achievement potential to interested purchasers, supply chain managers, project managers and
developers from domestic and abroad.


  • Trucks / Truck tractors
    • All-wheel drive vehicles
    • Commercial vehicles
    • Semitrailer tractors
    • Heavy-duty tractors
    • Tractors
  • Light commercial vehicles (delivery vans)
    • All-wheel drive vehicles
    • Commercial vehicles
    • Delivery vans
  • Buses (incl. Minibuses)
    • Buses
  • Parts and accessories
    • Wheel suspensions
      • Axle connecting rod
      • Radius rods
      • Ball joints
      • Suspension arms
    • Steering system
      • V-rods
      • Ball and socket joints
      • Steering rods 
      • Steering systems
      • Articulated steering linkages
      • Steering components
      • Steering shafts
      • Tie rods
      • Tie-rod joints



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