AUTOCLIMA is located in Piedmont (North West Italy) in the neighbor of Torino. We are a medium size Industry of 98 people, working since 1963 with the sole mission of develop, manufacture and sell Air Conditioning systems for Transportation.

EASY AIR - Air Conditioning systems for buses/minibuses

What we offer

Easy Air is the first system which includes evaporator and air ducts for buses/midibuses with the main purpose to allow the manufacturer/body-builders to reduce weight, costs and installation time, when compared with current solutions on the market.
Advantages :
- the improvement of evaporator performance grants better comfort to the passengers
- the easy installation grants reduced labour costs for manufacturer/body-builders
-The considerable costs reduction

What we are looking for

We are looking for long term partnerships with bus and minibuses manufacturers and body- builders to increase our european markets and develop new markets worldwide


  • Buses (incl. Minibuses)
    • Used vehicles
    • Buses
    • Buses for the handicapped
    • Buses for line service
    • City buses
    • Small buses
  • Special motor vehicles
    • Ambulances/body structures
  • Trailers, Bodies and Container
    • Bus body structures
    • Horse box vehicles/body structures
    • Passenger car transport vehicles / body structures
  • Parts and accessories
    • Interior fittings and components
      • Air-conditioning systems
        • Air-conditioning systems for cabs
        • Air-conditioning systems for buses
        • Engine-independent air-conditioning systems
      • Air ducts



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