Designers and manufacturers of mirrors and mirror arms

Located in Bradford, in the north of England, Ashtree are designers and manufacturers of mirrors and mirror arms. Our OEM customer base covers the bus, construction equipment, materials handling, agricultural, defence and specialist vehicle industries.

Although we are UK based we have a thriving worldwide customer base.

As a company we are approved to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004

As well as a large range of standard, class II & III, rear view mirrors we manufacture many different styles of wide angle mirror. Used as universal mirrors on trucks, these products are also used on other machines to help eliminate blind spots.

We also have many different styles of mirror arm which are designed for different applications in different industries. If our standard range of products doesn't have what a customer requires we are able to manipulate tube to a specific requirement.

Mirrors and mirror arms for different types of vehicle and machine.

What we offer

The Ashtree OEM customer base is made up of many small to medium volume manufacturers.

Wherever possible, we like to work with customers to develop a product and service that suits them. We have many long term customers and we like to think they come back to us because we offer a package of price, quality and service.

What we are looking for

We've been established since 1977 and in that time we have developed long term relationships with many customers. A typical Ashtree customer would be a small to medium sized volume manufacturer of machinery or after market spare parts distributors.


  • Trucks / Truck tractors
    • All-wheel drive vehicles
    • Full or semi-electrical powered vehicles
    • Natural-gas vehicles
    • Used vehicles
    • Off-road vehicles
    • Implement carrier
    • Hybrid vehicles
    • Commercial vehicles
    • Semitrailer tractors
    • Heavy-duty tractors
    • Tractors
  • Light commercial vehicles (delivery vans)
    • All-wheel drive vehicles
    • Full or semi-electrical powered vehicles
    • Used vehicles
    • Hybrid vehicles
    • Commercial vehicles
    • Transporters
  • Buses (incl. Minibuses)
    • All-wheel drive vehicles
    • Full or semi-electrical powered vehicles
    • Used vehicles
    • Hybrid vehicles
    • Buses
    • Articulated buses
    • Buses for the handicapped
    • Buses for line service
    • City buses
    • Small buses
    • Double-decker buses
  • Special motor vehicles
    • Tow truck body structures, for passenger car transport
    • Towing vehicles
    • Other special vehicles
    • Full or semi-electrical powered vehicles
    • Fire fighting vehicles
    • Used vehicles
    • Hybrid vehicles
    • Sweepers
    • Municipal vehicles (for waste disposal, street cleaning, environmental engineering etc.)
    • Ambulances/body structures
    • Motorcaravans for commercial use
    • Snow ploughs
  • Trailers, Bodies and Container
    • Used-paper recovery vehicles
    • Aluminium vehicles and body structures
    • Aluminium box bodies
    • Catering vehicles
  • Vehicle Interior - Fixtures and Equipment
  • Parts and accessories
    • Bodywork components and equipment
      • Exterior rear-view mirror
      • Exterior mirror, heated
      • Exterior mirror, adjustable
      • Exterior Mirrors, Retrofitting
      • Body parts
      • Rear-view mirrors
      • Rear-view mirror bars


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