Innovation in Transport

SD-Products is located in Belgium and together with my Dutch partner Logi-D we are always looking for new innovations in the transport business. Our last innovation is an automatic Twistlock for Swap-bodies and we will present this new product on the next IAA Exhibition.

Automatic pneumatic Twis-tlock for Swap-bodies

Was wir anbieten

-we can offer you about 30 years experience in the transport
-The product we produce is an automatic Locking device for
-The use is to lock Swap-bodies on your truck or trailer.
-This MoToC-system is much more faster and safer than a
normal common Twist-Lock.

Wonach wir suchen

We are looking for distributors who can present our patented MoToC -system in his region/country.

Our MoToC-system is a solution to replace the common Twist-Locks to connect your body structure to your truck or trailer.

The customers we are looking for, are transport companies who are operating with Swap-bodies and they can save a lot of time by every swap the do with our system.


  • Lastkraftwagen/Sattelzugmaschinen
    • Lastkraftwagen
  • Anhänger, Aufbauten, Behälter u. Container
    • Anhänger-Aufbauten
    • Sonderfahrzeuge/ -aufbauten
    • Starrdeichselanhänger
    • Wechselaufbauten und -fahrzeuge
    • Wechselaufbauten, geschlossen
    • Wechselbehälter
    • Werkstattfahrzeuge/ -aufbauten
    • Verladesysteme mit Wechselladungsträger
  • Teile und Zubehör
    • Aufbautenteile und -ausrüstungen
      • Beschläge f. Aufbauten
      • Container-Verriegelung
      • Hubvorrichtungen für Wechselaufbauten


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